Professional Development

Brownstein is committed to the continuing professional development of every attorney who joins the firm. Our approach includes training, mentoring, regular evaluations, a structured first-year apprenticeship and progressive training for senior associates.

New attorneys are welcomed to the firm with a full-day orientation program. Upon their arrival at the firm, both newly graduated and lateral attorneys are assigned a mentor who helps the attorney integrate into the firm's culture and take advantage of its many resources. We place a heavy emphasis on promoting informal mentoring in addition to our structured program. As part of our apprenticeship program, we support our first-year associates with a reduced billable hour requirement so they can focus on furthering their development as attorneys.

Every other year, we bring new associates together from all of our offices to teach best practices on billing, timekeeping, time management and utilization of information resources, and to share the firm’s history and culture as well as its high expectations with respect to ethics, professionalism and community service.

We support senior associates in laying the groundwork for a successful partnership transition through a  progressive program that includes periodic lunches focusing on topics such as the basics of business development, delegation and supervision, finding a practice niche, and incorporating community service with client-development efforts. 

We offer accredited in-house CLE programs in key practice areas, including corporate, real estate and natural resources topics, as well as litigation trial skills training with mock trials and general skills training that focuses on writing, oral communications, negotiation, ethics and other topics.

We encourage partners to give ongoing feedback to associates. In addition, associates receive detailed, substantive semiannual performance evaluations that provide guidance for their individual development plans, setting goals and identifying the specific training, knowledge and work experiences they need to take their skills to the next level and ultimately to become great lawyers. 

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For further information on the firm's professional development program, contact Brownstein's Senior Director of Professional Development:

Karen Kleiman