Professional Staff

People spotlight

Hana Wells is a pricing manager in the Denver office.

Why Brownstein?
I’ve had many jobs with the firm—starting with receptionist in 2007 and including administrative assistant and recruiting with HR. I figured out early on that this was a great company and that I loved working at the firm. I registered for one class in the fall of 2010 and just happened to pick finance as my major and ended up really loving the program. I cannot thank the firm enough for providing me with the many opportunities it has and always trusting me with a new challenge. It’s absolutely amazing to be able to stay with the firm and use my new degree.

Georgianne Bates is the Legal Education & Training Manager in the Denver office. Starting as an administrative assistant and now after working with the firm more than 17 years, she's become the “go to” person for administration issues.

Why Brownstein?
Being at Brownstein has afforded me many amazing opportunities where I have gotten to meet interesting attorneys and attended events and met people I had just read about or saw on the local news. I’m very grateful to the firm that I have been supported and encouraged to grow professionally.

Gianna Setoudeh is a policy assistant in Brownstein’s Sacramento office.

Why Brownstein?
I was immediately drawn to Brownstein’s caliber of people and quality of work. Known for its exceptional practices and projects, joining the firm was inspiring to me. As someone who is starting my career in government relations, being surrounded by industry professionals has been a great source of motivation.

The strength of our firm is measured not only by the reputations of our 250 attorneys, but also by the abilities of our professional staff. Brownstein is a team 500+ strong and we recognize that each individual, from policy consultants to filing clerks, contributes to the success of our clients.

We support the well-being of our team by respecting the importance of a work/life balance, providing regular firm-sponsored events and incentivizing an online wellness program in recognition of the hard work of our employees. All offices also have the opportunity to get involved in firm-supported activities to give back to their local communities.

Because we support our team as individuals, we know individual team members support each other. Brownstein encourages team-building within departments. We know that getting along with the people you work with on a daily basis is one of the most significant factors for job satisfaction, and our hiring process takes that into account. We want our employees to have a say in decisions that affect them today, so that as a firm we can work together to build our future.