FOREcast - Funding Opportunities for Renewable Energy

FOREcast - Funding Opportunities for Renewable Energy

Mar 30, 2010


FOREcast, Volume 7, March 30, 2010
FOREcast, a newsletter on finding opportunities for renewable energy, is written by Brownstein's Renewable Energy Group. Included in this edition is a discussion on the EPA's final revisions to RFS 2, updates on recent developments in the DOE Loan Guarantee Program and Colorado's fuel switching legislation, as well as tips on developing renewable energy projects on tribal land.

With this periodic newsletter, Brownstein hopes to assist the clean technology community in funding the development and commercialization of clean technologies. FOREcast provides information on the types of projects funded by the federal and state governments, the types of funding instruments used, private companies' input to public agencies for clean tech support, trends in the public support of clean technology and funding awards.

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