Immigration Reform in the 113th Congress

Immigration Reform in the 113th Congress

Mar 13, 2013


Brownstein Client Alert, March 13, 2013

In 2007, when a bipartisan group of senators and then President Bush tried to pass major immigration reform legislation, vocal opposition to the effort doomed the bill and any real attempt at reform since. The 2012 election changed all this. For whatever the reason, whether based on the 70 percent of Latino voters who supported President Obama, or because some people sincerely want to improve immigration policies, or both, immigration reform has become a top priority for congressional Republicans, Democrats and the White House. Many businesses recognize, or have begun to recognize, the potential effect proposed reforms will have on their bottom line. As a result, all kinds of businesses are now becoming interested in engaging key members of Congress and the administration to make sure any such efforts are good for the nation and do no harm, that is, are good for their businesses as well. Last year alone, the number of organizations lobbying on immigration issues grew by 12 percent, with a sharp increase in advocacy expected during the first quarter of 2013.

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