Deorbiting Your Own Intellectual Property Fight

Deorbiting Your Own Intellectual Property Fight

Apr 12, 2017

Client Alert

Co-author, Brownstein Client Alert, April 12, 2017

Ponder, for a moment, the following hypothetical. You develop specialized technology for in-orbit robotic satellite assembly, repair and servicing. You store the technology at a theoretically secure customer site—a NASA research center. A competitor’s employee accesses the technology during a period of competitive bidding for NASA contracts. The technology may allow the competitor to undercut your costs and technical competitive advantage. Hypothetical? Not for Space Systems/Loral.1 The result; a lawsuit, Space Systems Loral v. Orbital ATK.2 SSL asserts that an Orbital employee viewed and distributed SSL trade secrets. Orbital has fired the employee. Whatever the result, the litigation means that both SSL and Orbital are at a minimum dealing with an expensive distraction to their business models.

How can you avoid the above situation or lower your risk profile? By taking just a few proactive steps in advance.

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