Possible Impacts of Trump Administration on Tribal Recognition

Possible Impacts of Trump Administration on Tribal Recognition

Feb 02, 2017


Co-author, Law360, February 2, 2017

"The Trump administration’s impact on Indian Country may be major, especially in the area of tribal recognition, which is a formal acknowledgement of a tribe’s sovereignty, setting forth a “government-to-government” relationship between a tribe and the federal government. Beyond the symbolic and legal implications of tribal sovereignty, tribal recognition also confers numerous federal services and resources, including becoming eligible to have the federal government place tribal lands in trust. The recognition process has been extremely controversial and has been dealt with very differently by Republicans and Democrats. If history is any guide and Trump is consistent with Republican policies, the Trump administration will likely roll back several of the Obama administration’s policies and regulations that have made it easier for unrecognized tribes to gain federal recognition."

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