Tips to Maintain Flexibility in Lease Negotiations

Tips to Maintain Flexibility in Lease Negotiations

May 03, 2017


Co-author, Colorado Real Estate Journal, Retail Properties Quarterly, May 2017

Trends in retail leasing are short in duration and highly market specific. With shifting consumer choice, retail landlords consistently face new challenges to their rent streams and delivery of promised investor returns. Landlords must maintain flexibility to respond to these trends and changing market dynamics. In this article, we explore two emerging retail leasing trends: the decline of large traditional merchandisers and proliferation of smaller operators. We also consider these business concerns from the perspective of lease drafting, specifically negotiation of co-tenancy and prohibited-use provisions. Ultimately, landlords must have an eye toward the future and competent representation to administer complex leasing regimes to maintain the flexibility necessary to respond to emerging trends and changing market pressures.

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