Ballot Boxes Driving Policy, With Big Business Implications

Ballot Boxes Driving Policy, With Big Business Implications

Oct 18, 2018

Client Alert

Brownstein Client Alert, October 18, 2018

Voters have begun to receive and complete their ballots around the country as election season reaches full swing, with dramatic implications for businesses, industries and the economy as a whole. At the federal level, regardless of which party controls the Senate and the House, experts expect greater regulation of social media and technology companies generally. Technology companies face growing scrutiny over privacy, with a top tech CEO recently stating that tech companies claiming that data collection makes their service better is “a bunch of bunk.” With Europe having adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) giving individuals greater control over their personal data, and with the GDPR already essentially being exported to companies that do business in Europe, many U.S. companies have initiated GDPR compliance programs. Greater congressional and regulatory scrutiny of tech and privacy looms, as well as some momentum for a GDPR equivalent at the federal level to preempt states from imposing disparate compliance requirements with their own varied regulatory constructs.

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