Don't stop me now: Prohibited-use lists evolve

Don't stop me now: Prohibited-use lists evolve

May 23, 2018


Co-author, Colorado Real Estate Journal, May 2018

Not long ago, many American families spent a significant portion of their weekends on all-day retail journeys from the grocery store to a clothing store to the hardware store to the bank, all before the video-rental store on the way home in the evening. Today, however, the proliferation of online retailers and new technologies like Uber, Venmo and Netflix has changed this practice. Groceries and most other goods are delivered directly to our doorsteps,
money transfers are two taps away on our phone and our smart TVs have more extensive content libraries than Blockbuster (RIP) ever did. Convenience has become dominant in American consumerism; you can order a new pair of Bonobos pants via Amazon drone delivery while watching Hulu on your iPhone in the back of a Lyft. However, this evolution continues to present new challenges for the retail real estate industry.

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