Analysis of Senate-Passed CARES Act

Analysis of Senate-Passed CARES Act

Mar 26, 2020

Client Alert

Brownstein Client Alert, March 26, 2020

On March 25, the Senate approved a $2 trillion stimulus package, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, to address the economic and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill now moves to the House for a vote on Friday. The House is expected to approve the bill and send it to President Donald Trump for his signature.

This client alert provides a summary and analysis of the legislation’s following provisions:

  • Division A—Keeping Workers Paid and Employed, Health Care System Enhancements and Economic Stabilization
    • Title I—Keeping American Workers Employed and Paid Act
    • Title II—Assistance for American Workers, Families and Businesses 
      • Subtitle A—Unemployment Insurance Provisions 
      • Subtitle B—Rebates and Other Individual Provisions 
      • Subtitle C—Business Provisions 
    • Title III—Supporting America’s Health Care System in the Fight Against the Coronavirus 
      • Subtitle A—Health Provisions
        • Part I—Addressing Supply Shortages  
          • Subpart A—Medical Product Supplies 
          • Subpart B—Mitigating Emergency Drug Shortages
          • Subpart C—Preventing Medical Device Shortages
        • Part II— Access to Health Care for Covid-19 Patients
          • Subpart A—Coverage Of Testing And Preventive Services
          • Subpart B—Support For Health Care Providers
          • Subpart C—Miscellaneous Provisions
        • Part III—Innovation
        • Part IV—Health Care Workforce
      • Subtitle B—Education Provisions
      • Subtitle C—Labor Provisions 
      • Subtitle D—Finance Committee 
      • Subtitle E—Health and Human Services Extenders 
        • Part I –Medicare Provisions
        • Part II—Medicaid Provisions
        • Part III—Human Services and Other Health Programs
        • Part IV—Public Health Provisions
        • Part V—Miscellaneous Provisions
      • Subtitle F—Over-the-Counter Drugs 
        • Part I—Over-the-Counter Drug Review
        • Part II—User Fees
      • Title IV—Economic Stabilization and Assistance to Severely Distressed Sectors of the U.S. Economy
        • Subtitle A—Economic Stablizaton Act of 2020
        • Subtitle B—Air Carrier Worker Support
    • Division B—Emergency Appropriations for Coronavirus Health Response and Agency Operations

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Information is changing daily and some of the content included in this alert may have changed or been updated since publication.

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