Top Lobbyists 2016: Hired Guns

Top Lobbyists 2016: Hired Guns

"Lobbying runs deep in Washington.

Every day, thousands of law firms, associations and advocacy groups seek to exert influence over policymaking away from the glare of presidential and congressional politics.

In such a crowded field, a select few have shown an ability to get things done — and it’s those movers and shakers who are among The Hill’s Top Lobbyists.

From the “hired guns” who populate K Street, to the lobbyists who derive strength from grassroots organizing, to the trade associations harnessing industry might, to the professionals representing America’s biggest companies, influence comes in many forms."

To read the full article from The Hill, which recognizes Al Mottur and Marc Lampkin among the top lobbyists of 2016, please click here

Meet The Team

Marc S. Lampkin Shareholder T 202.652.2341
Alfred E. Mottur Shareholder T 202.872.5284