Brownstein Names Two New Executive Committee Members

Brownstein Names Two New Executive Committee Members

New Government Relations Department Chair and Santa Barbara Office Managing Partner Also Named

Brownstein is pleased to announce leadership promotions within the firm. Elizabeth Paulsen and Marc Lampkin have been named members of the firm’s Executive Committee (EC). They will join the firm’s current EC members Adam Agron, Steve Demby, John McDermott, Ellen Schulhofer and Scott Slater. The EC, including Agron, the firm’s managing partner, guides the strategic direction of the firm.

Lampkin will continue to serve as office managing partner in Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth Gore will serve as the firm’s new Government Relations Department chair where she will oversee the integration of federal and state lobbying teams. She will join the firm’s current department chairs including Gino Maurelli (Corporate), Evan Rothstein (Intellectual Property), Rich Benenson and Eric Burris (Litigation), David Bernhardt (Natural Resources) and Aaron Hyatt and Carolynne White (Real Estate).

Steve Amerikaner has been named the firm’s office managing partner in the Santa Barbara, Calif., office. He will join the firm’s current office managing partners including Burris (Albuquerque), Lampkin (Washington, D.C.), Mitch Langberg (Los Angeles), Mike Rounds (Reno) and Schulhofer (Las Vegas).

“These individuals embody the firm’s values in everything they do for our firm, our clients and our communities,” said Agron. “As individuals, they've been instrumental in the growth of the firm and as leaders, we expect to see great things from them as they help guide our strategic direction.”

Meet The Team

Marc S. Lampkin Shareholder T 202.652.2341
Elizabeth D. Paulsen Shareholder T 303.223.1187
Steven A. Amerikaner Shareholder T 805.882.1407
Adam J. Agron Shareholder T 303.223.1134
Eric R. Burris Shareholder T 505.724.9563
Richard B. Benenson Managing Partner T 303.223.1203
Steven C. Demby Shareholder T 303.223.1119
Aaron M. Hyatt Shareholder T 303.223.1107
Gino A. Maurelli Shareholder T 303.223.1115
Mitchell J. Langberg Shareholder T 702.464.7098
Ellen Schulhofer Shareholder T 702.464.7059
Scott S. Slater Shareholder T 805.895.3200