Working at the intersection of business, law and politics allows Brownstein to combine practice area expertise with federal, state and local government relations teams to bring projects to life. Brownstein’s fully integrated, multidisciplinary team of Infrastructure Group lawyers work closely with our top-ranked Government Relations professionals to provide strategic, actionable policy and legal guidance throughout the life cycle of projects, from planning through operations. We develop strategies to navigate complex political, regulatory and legal issues to deliver national-caliber, efficient and effective results for our clients. We work with project sponsors, investors and funds, contractors, governments and financial institutions.

Meet The Team

Steven A. Amerikaner Shareholder T 805.882.1407
Beth Collins Shareholder T 805.882.1419
Lawrence J. Jensen Consulting Attorney T 202.747.0509
Kirk B. Lenhard Shareholder T 702.464.7045
Jon Hrobsky Policy Director T 202.872.5294
Adam K. Bult Shareholder T 702.464.7077
Jonathan R. Bloch Shareholder T 310.500.4632
Chris Frahm Shareholder T 619.702.6917
Diane C. De Felice Shareholder T 310.500.4613
Hubert A. Farbes, Jr. Shareholder T 303.223.1186
Steven C. Demby Shareholder T 303.223.1119
Bradley J. Herrema Shareholder T 310.500.4609
Bruce A. James Shareholder T 303.223.1167
Gary M. Kvistad Shareholder T 805.882.1414
Stephanie Osler Hastings Shareholder T 805.882.1415
Andrew L. Meyers Shareholder T 303.223.1193
Marc S. Lampkin Shareholder T 202.652.2341
Sarah M. Mercer Shareholder T 303.223.1139
Amy M. Steinfeld Shareholder T 805.882.1409
Elizabeth D. Paulsen Shareholder T 303.223.1187
Jonathan G. Pray Shareholder T 303.223.1211
Jay Spader Shareholder T 303.223.1146
Michael P. Smith Associate T 303.223.1150
Ronda L. Sandquist Shareholder T 303.223.1191
Ryan A. Smith Shareholder T 202.747.0507
Steven O. Sims Shareholder T 303.223.1149
Scott S. Slater Shareholder T 805.895.3200
Carolynne C. White Shareholder T 303.223.1197
Gregory A. Vallin Shareholder T 303.223.1103
Ryan Waterman Shareholder T 619.702.7569
Barry Jackson Strategic Advisor T 202.652.2342
Brian T. McGuire Policy Director T 202.383.4704
Brian M. McKeon Shareholder T 202.872.5283
Brian Wild Policy Director T 202.872.5295
Luke D. Johnson Policy Director T 202.747.0513
Mark P. Begich Strategic Consulting Advisor T 202.872.5288