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Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck has a proven track record helping clients successfully navigate the maze of politics and policy in Washington, D.C. and at the state and local levels. When the stakes are high, clients rely on our bipartisan team to overcome their public-policy challenges. Our political professionals include: veteran strategists, campaign operatives, a former Cabinet Secretary, a party chair, former senior House and Senate Capitol Hill staff, former career and appointed senior executive branch officials, state elected officials and former high ranking federal and state attorney’s general staffers in addition to a bevy of experienced lobbyists. When you demand results, our government relations specialists deliver.

We are a full-service lobbying, public policy and legal representation practice that helps companies, associations, non-profits and other organizations interpret federal government actions, solve challenges and seize opportunities through interaction with government officials. Our work includes legislative consulting, lobbying, policy development, public relations strategy, political messaging and representation in front of the Congress, federal agencies and regulatory bodies. With seasoned government relations professionals in every Brownstein office, we are able to provide comprehensive service at the federal, state and local levels throughout the country.


Chambers USA, 2019
Nationwide: Government Relations

What the team is known for: Expanding bipartisan team well connected on both sides of the political aisle. Acts for a diverse range of clients including both corporate and nonprofit organizations, among others. Impressive bench including former government officials. Offers broad sector expertise spanning financial services to gaming.

Strengths: Sources report: "They have an ability to deal with very complicated issues, and to understand the issue and advocate for it. They add a lot of strategic value in terms of legislative and regulatory situations."

One client says: "What I like is that it doesn't matter what issues you have, they always find someone inside the firm who can help you with it."

Interviewees note: "They really took the time to get to know our business inside and out. They are a bipartisan one-stop shop.”

    Representative Matters
    • Counsel to a non-profit organization representing consumer-owned electric systems that purchase federal hydropower and resources before Congress and the Administration.

    • Successfully represented the Blackfeet Nation in the Blackfeet Water Rights Settlement Act, which Congress authorized in 2016. The Act ratifies the Tribe's water compact and authorized over $420M in federal funding for the Tribe's water-related infrastructure projects.

    • On behalf of a multibillion-dollar freight transportation and logistics company, worked with business and labor leaders and the House Education and the Workforce Committee to reform the multiemployer pension plan system. This bipartisan effort resulted in the enactment of legislation to protect multiemployer pension plans’ solvency and prevent a bailout of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

    • Brownstein team for a major corporate client during a very intense period of crisis management when the company was under scrutiny from the Congress, including Hill outreach and extensive hearing preparation. This resulted in two successful hearings on Capitol Hill.

    • Represents the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform, the nation’s preeminent legal reform organization.

    • Counsel to a major sports league on a copyright piracy matter.

    • Represented the Mexican Embassy on an international Treaty matter.

    • Brownstein advocated on behalf of DISH Network Corporation (DISH) for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to remove outdated regulations and grant terrestrial flexibility for most of the AWS-4 band. The FCC's actions directly facilitated wireless competition and innovation.

    • On behalf of an association representing private insurance services, Brownstein successfully managed Congressional passage of a federal insurance program reauthorization. This reauthorization was the first in 12 years.

    • Counsel to the MusicFirst Coalition on a copyright

    • On behalf of a national legal reform organization of Fortune 500 companies and civil defense firms, advocate for amendments to the federal rules of civil procedure to reduce the cost and burdens of civil discovery.

    • Represent the Electronic Payments Coalition, a coalition of electronic services companies concerned about regulation of the electronic payments market.

    • On behalf of an association representing private insurance services, Brownstein successfully managed Congressional passage of a federal insurance program reauthorization. This reauthorization was the first in 12 years.

    • On behalf of a coalition of Colorado water districts, was successful in securing passage of federal legislation that secured federal funding for the Upper Colorado and San Juan Fish recovery programs (P.L. 112-270).

    • Engaged Congress and the Department of Justice in forming a relationship with one of the largest non-profits in the United States focused on girl’s and women’s issues. Collaboration yielded the successful development and funding of three programs at the Department of Justice, focused on serving girls in non-traditional settings.

    • Prevented the expansion of foreign trade that created a competitive advantage for a rival metals producer.

    • Successfully represented oil & gas association in federal district court matter related to the Endangered Species Act, resulting in dismissal of underlying action.

    • Represent largest agricultural water district in the United States in connection with a dispute regarding the Department of the Interior's management of the district's water supply.

    • Served as the independent examiner charged with reviewing a component of an agreement between the State Attorneys General and a prominent Internet social networking company.

    • Working with a utility and a trade association to develop and implement a strategy in response to Clean Air Act rules.

    • For a utility client, worked to modify onerous EPA regulations and coordinated a strategy to amend those rules, including meetings with senior agency officials and other Administration policy makers. Also enlisted a congressional strategy that brought together a coalition of Members to push for a more favorable outcome in the rules. Ultimately, the EPA amended the rules in a way that saved our client hundreds of millions of dollars.

    • Spearheaded a successful negotiation involving a telecommunications company and two federal agencies resulting in a favorable outcome for the client, thereby preserving its business model.

    • Worked to pass a temporary provision of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that allowed for a ten year deferral of cancellation of indebtedness income on behalf of a large coalition of diverse companies and industries.

    • Represented a sporting venue/event center in a Title III challenge under the American Disabilities Act.

    • Assisted a small pharmaceutical company in obtaining appropriate reimbursement rates under new health reform law.

    • On behalf of private equity clients, preserved the controlled company exemption under existing NYSE rule in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

    • Represented a western electrical utility with a large coal generation base regarding laws and proposals dealing with climate change. Advised the client regarding the economic and environmental issues relating to potential federal and state climate change laws. Representation included regulatory advocacy and advice on corporate climate change policy.

    • Represent a large electrical utility in a Clean Air Act investigation of a coal fired power plant. The EPA investigation covers over 25 years of documents and environmental and operational data at the multi-unit power plant. Representation involves advising the utility on its response to the agency and managing the production of tens of thousands of documents and data.

    • Represented U.S. mortgage company in congressional and related criminal investigations. Persuaded Congress not to hold hearings or otherwise investigate the matter.

    • Negotiations with the EPA regarding hexavalent chromium issues and potential responsible parties involving the contribution for remediation.

    • Provided strategic advice and organization to an informal coalition of companies concerned about the makeup of the Federal Judiciary, resulting in legislation to modernize judicial salaries passing both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

    • Amending the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to eliminate frivolous lawsuits against private contractors working on behalf of hundreds of America’s district attorneys.

    • Spearheaded and facilitated successful labor negotiations on behalf of a transportation client with industry partners and reached a mutually beneficial outcome. Coordinated and worked with key Congressional and Administration figures throughout the negotiation process to ensure a favorable result.

    • Representing the cable industry for over 25 years.

    • At the FCC, worked successfully to overturn a bureau level decision eliminating a client's satellite license authorization and obtain a favorable decision from the Commission reinstating the license.

    • Represent one of the largest water districts in the State of Arizona in connection with the NEPA review of a coal-fire powered plant.

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