State Attorneys General

Companies with forward-thinking executives recognize the need to develop and execute a proactive strategy to build relationships and respond to inquiries from state attorneys general. 

As the chief legal officers of their states, attorneys general (AGs) operate at the intersection of law and public policy. They hold the power to institute civil suits, revoke corporate charters, enforce antitrust regulations, initiate fraud actions and enforce environmental laws, among other things. Increasingly, AGs are projecting their power in a growing number of legal, political and policy issue areas that affect business interests. It is becoming commonplace for AGs to assert authority in the areas of health care, corporate governance and securities, insurance, government contracting, financial services, environmental law, intellectual property, direct marketing compliance and white collar crime.

Brownstein State Attorneys General Group provides comprehensive political and legal services to companies and other organizations navigating the complex and constantly evolving arena of state attorneys general. We develop and execute strategic plans focused both on proactively building relationships with the goal of avoiding problems, and on responding to requests for information or subpoenas in a manner most conducive to resolving legal disputes efficiently and effectively. Perhaps most importantly, we work to keep our clients ahead of the curve through our continuous efforts to gather information and political intelligence on current topics and upcoming trends.

The team includes a former Attorney General of New Mexico, former key aides to other state attorneys general, as well as former prosecutors and high-level Congressional staffers who together have the legal knowledge and political experience to anticipate developments and provide counsel on all aspects of AG activities.

Representative Matters
  • Ongoing representation of various financial services companies in investigations and litigation by state Attorneys General under the Uniform Consumer Credit Code and consumer protection laws.

  • Represented high-profile law firm in litigation with state attorney general’s office over foreclosure practices.

  • Represented client in litigation in disputed foreclosure action, asserting claims of breach of contract, violations of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and civil conspiracy.

  • Represents several gaming entities regarding federal gambling policy.

Meet The Team

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