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The divergence of technologies and emergence of new markets in the communications industry since the 1996 Telecommunications Reform Act has progressed with dizzying speed, and Brownstein’s Telecommunications & Media Group has been integrally associated with many of those developments. Consequentially, we are well equipped to provide forward-thinking policy strategies essential to communications, media and associated technology companies.

We provide comprehensive representation for telecommunications and media companies in the U.S. Congress, as well as throughout the executive branch, with a particular focus on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Our clients include companies throughout the telecom and media sectors, including satellite operators, cable operators, Internet and e-commerce providers, content aggregators, technology innovators, radio broadcasters, incubant phase companies, wireless companies, an undersea cable and Internet backbone provider, and several telephone e-mail, fax and voicemail providers. We also advise companies whose business decisions are reviewed by the FCC, the Antitrust Division at the DOJ and Congressional committees.

Our Capitol Hill savvy team knows how to best represent your interests. Our group includes former Congressional and executive branch staff members and officials, and other veteran government relations professionals, who have had direct experience in the formulation and passage of legislation and the crafting of public policy.

To provide a full-service approach to telecom and media clients, the Group often collaborates with the Brownstein’s Corporate, Intellectual Property, Private Equity and Litigation groups.

Representative Matters
  • Spearheaded an effort for a trade association to ensure that a costly and unnecessary mandate was not included in legislation headed for the President’s desk.

  • Brownstein successfully advocated against AT&T’s proposed $39 billion takeover of T-Mobile for an informal coalition of companies seeking to preserve a competitive mobile wireless marketplace.

  • Brownstein successfully guided major public policy efforts for Comcast Corporation, including advocating in favor of its acquisition of NBCUniversal, which was approved by both the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice after significant Congressional oversight.

  • On behalf of Verizon and Comcast, successfully helped guide efforts to secure approval of spectrum transaction by both the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice after significant congressional oversight.

  • Brownstein advocated on behalf of DISH Network Corporation (DISH) for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to remove outdated regulations and grant terrestrial flexibility for most of the AWS-4 band. The FCC's actions directly facilitated wireless competition and innovation.

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