Pandemic Business Response Team

Business has been completely reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. As state and local government public health orders continue businesses must look at how to revamp and reinvent day-to-day operations to comply not only with a wide variety of new regulations, but also novel implications from existing laws and regulations. And, they must do this while assuring stakeholders they are doing everything possible to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Brownstein has assembled a team of policy professionals and attorneys to guide clients with compliance strategies, risk mitigation and business operations. Our team can assist with everything from issues implicated by bringing employees back into the workplace to a proactive review and revision of policies and contracts to maximize protection and flexibility. As local, state and federal government entities continue to issue guidance, our policy team analyzes public health orders and essential business designations, and can seek amendments and waivers based on client needs. We are here to help you adapt to the “new normal” and best position you and your business for a successful recovery.

We have a team that is focused on:

  • Monitoring of local, state and federal policy and orders coupled with real time advice as well as vaccine availability and requirements.
  • Employee and employee benefits issues related to the pandemic.
  • Navigating the complex web of requirements and guidance regarding workplace safety mandates, testing and reporting requirements and paid leaves available to employees.
  • Liability mitigation and insurance coverage.
  • Government investigations related to economic relief.
  • Tenant/landlord and borrower/lender relationships and negotiation.
  • How to communicate with your employees and customersto mitigate future employment or consumer protection claims including travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines.
  • What you should be considering if you took a PPP loan or are looking to use the CARES Act tax credit.
  • With consumer or employee testing, what should be top of mind for HIPAA and privacy compliance.

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