Public Lands

From water usage to mineral leasing, responsible stewardship of our public lands needs to be well grounded in legal strategy. The nation’s vast expanse of public lands presents an array of challenges and opportunities. Multiple federal and state agencies have jurisdiction over the lands and resources in the public domain, and the legal structure surrounding these areas can be exceedingly complex. At the same time, public land dealings involve maintaining goodwill among both the government and general public.

Brownstein’s Public Lands Group helps commercial and residential interests effectively navigate the often confusing legal and policy framework surrounding public lands. Our experienced team of attorneys has a focused proficiency in dealing with the complicated overlay of management statutes, environmental laws and agency regulations governing public lands to our representation of environmental groups, municipalities, government agencies and private companies.

Our team has worked on a broad array of advisory, administrative proceeding and litigation matters concerning ski area permitting, water project planning and operation, hydroelectric power generation, oil and gas leasing, forest management, including timber sales, grazing rights, land exchanges, protective designations and land use planning on federal and state lands. Group members have significant experience working with numerous federal laws governing activities on public lands, including the Antiquities Act, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, Endangered Species Act, Federal Land Policy and Management Act, Multiple Use-Sustained Yield Act, National Environmental Policy Act, National Forest Management Act, and Wilderness Act, among others.

Meet The Team

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